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Potential Reasons Why Your Thermostat Goes Blank

Having every component of your air conditioning unit work is an essential factor in ensuring that the entire system functions as it should. No AC unit is going to function seamlessly if not for its thermostat. Without this component of your AC unit, you will not be able to turn it on or off. In essence, you will not experience the heating and cooling effects that your AC system gives you.

After figuring out the ability of your thermostat to control your AC system, in the even that it goes blank, what do you do? Seeing your thermostat go blank is caused by many factors. No matter the reason for it going blank, there is always a solution for it. To find the best solution, you have to start with finding the underlying reason for the issue. As previously stated, there are varying reasons that can potentially lead to your thermostat going blank. Possible reasons can range from the display of your thermostat not working to not having any power for your thermostat. Again, you have to know what it can be for you to resolve it. Check this article for potential reasons why your thermostat goes blank.

Seeing a thermostat go blank may be caused by it being turned off. Although this is a very simple reason, it might be worth checking the power of your thermostat before you take any step to troubleshoot it. It is always possible that one of your household members turned your thermostat off and forgot to put it back on. In some instances, your house may be experiencing a power outage, and you have no idea that it did happen. If you’ve found that your thermostat is just turned on but you are still getting a blank one, then there might be other reasons why this is so.

A blank thermostat is also caused by dead batteries. When it comes to most batteries of thermostats, they can last a short time like a couple of months to a long time like five years. Try swapping the batteries of your thermostat if it is still goes blank after turning it one. Changing the batteries of your thermostat depends on its model and make. When it comes to most thermostat units, they have removable compartments for the batteries that you should not have a hard time accessing.

You will also be seeing blank on your thermostat if the circuit breaker has tripped. Looking at the wiring of your house, your thermostat may fall on the same breaker as other devices or appliances that you have inside. There is a possibility for your circuit breaker to break when there is a surplus of power. There is a possibility for your thermostat to be turned off when this takes place. You should check on your circuit breaker if you need to reset it. If a breaker trips, its switch often remains in the middle. Before turning the switch on, make sure to turn it off first.

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