Cool Basement Bar Ideas For Your Home

Basement is that untapped space in your possession which you can flexibly use to reflect your lifestyle or interests and live in it. Home theater is a common and widely used theme for basement remodeling but it is not necessary to follow the examples set by others.

You may not have a huge space for home theater or may not have as much keen interest in movies as to design a room around it. Your idea of recreation may be refreshments with friends or family or engaging in exciting conversations rather than silently experiencing celluloid.

To help you realize the vision of a dream basement bar, read the following ideas that will add a zing to the otherwise dull space.

Club it with a playful theme – Sitting and just drinking away doesn’t sound fun enough. What about having some games to play as well? Sounds exciting, right? Placing a pool table, air hockey or any board game will raise the amusement quotient of the room. You will not only entertain yourself but will have a gala time with your co-players.

Imitate the decor of your favorite pub – We all have a favorite go-to pub. If that makes you nostalgic already, stylize your basement like it. Resemble its furniture type, the lighting and the walls for achieving the same exciting feel as you get when you visit there.

Rustic bar – Revive the old world charm with a distressed wooden bar island, and the use of stone, brick, and mortar for the walls. Vintage arts and artifacts will play a big role in bringing out the desired essence. Anything that is raw, irregular and natural will contribute to the theme.

Industrial style – If you appreciate the beauty of things as they are without much adornment, go with the industrial style design. With this idea, you don’t have to care much about the exposed pipes, electrical or mechanical systems, or joists of the ceiling. Just paint it in black instead of covering it. Place industrial style bar stools and install simple metal and glass pendants to achieve the look.

Retro style – Use red padded steel bar stools and wall decor of retro style. Paint the backdrop wall in red and use colors like white or black or a mix of both for the other walls. If you like to relax a drink, keep a red colored couch to add to the retro feel. Use LED lights in blue or red or pendant drop lights. Retro bar accessories will get the desired effect to your space.

Bar on wheels – Wooden bar carts are stylish and traditional at the same time. You can either get it custom made, buy it or get it done by a DIY tutorial. Buy a ready made cart or make one having multiple shelves to place bottles, wine glasses, ice buckets and other essentials on them.

Basement bar idea is a great way to enjoy and make memories. More so, if the remodeled space is exactly of your taste. For customized basement finishing in Suwanee or any other area close to you, hire a skilled contractor to get a professional output within your specified budget and time-frame.