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Ten of the Best TV Sitcom One Liner Quotes and Jokes

In comedy, everyone’s statement is amazing without minding how clever it sounds, and it just makes life beautiful. There are so many films on comedy and when you watch them the upsetting part of your life goes and you relax and let yourself swim in the laughter that comes with it. Have you ever watched a comedy series or movie and a certain scene line cannot seem to go off your mind and you just laugh every time you remember it? Then you are not alone and it so amazing to keep the memories. This article will help you discover more of the sitcom lines and quotes that keeps everyone laughing from different comedy movies and series. Below are ten of the best TV sitcom one-liner quotes and jokes.

The owner of a great restaurant in the 1990 Seinfeld with the best soup who offered poor consumer services, and his customer broke a rule and his response was “no soup for you” and that was it.

In its always sunny in Philadelphia there is the most hilarious and longest rant from one of the characters Charlie “Pepe Sylvia” about a conspiracy company.

The one-liner “norm” in the comedy series cheers is the most notable line in the series from the many times it is used and the funniest part how it is used to indicate a character’s entrance.

The TV series comedy the Simpson’s has an amazing one-liner from the character homer, “D’oh” which he uses every time every second when he messes up which is all time anyway.

Barney from the comedy how I met your mother can never go two lines without “suit up” and to make it the best line in the comedy he will get upset if he tells someone to do it and they refuse, it is just funny.

Joey from friend comedy would always start with “how you doin?” Every time he met his friends and to make it more memorable he would get upset if they didn’t respond.

About the most notable one-liner from the comedy I love you Lucy is “Lucy you’ve got some splainin’ to do” which is most used by her husband demanding to know what Lucy had been up to each day.

The south park is about Kenny a character who is killed recurrently so other characters have a popular line “oh my God they killed Kenny” almost every episode making it memorable line in the series.

Michael from the comedy series the office will never let anyone say something suggestive without saying “that’s what she said” thus making it a quite popular line.

The comedy series parks and recreation is about a politician and has great one-liners including “I want all of the bacon and eggs from a sitcom in a restaurant.

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