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Guidelines on a Variety of Push Up Exercises to Improve Your Health

Working out one’s body is a vital component of good health, and should always be done. Many things can be done for exercise. Famous examples are cardio and cross fit activities. For more information on cardio, check it out here. The push up has been among the most long-lasting exercises done over time. Push-ups are most of the time a part of any workout. A variety of push up positions are available to be done for better results while doing away with a routine of doing them the same way all the time. Find out more about a variety of push up exercises that you can try in working out.

Wide grip push up variations are an option you can give thought to. You will need to get into the regular push up position first, with either your toes or knees on the ground. Your body should be straight without lifting your behind area in the air. You can find more information on regular push-ups on this site, check it out. While in this position, walk each of your hands out about four inches from where it usually is in a regular push up position. You can view this page for a guidance video here, check it out. Shoulders get more of a workout on the broader space provided. This wide grip push up is vital for the shoulders because they get involved in the push-up, which without the adjustment mainly focuses on the chest, back and core. You can get yourself more worked out by doing regular push-ups and then walking your hands out so that your chest still gains some cardio workout.

Clap push-ups are another option for you. Clap push-ups are a bit complicated and require strength and speed in doing them. For a better feel of what this looks like, check it out here. You may see these done a lot in armed services exercises. You have to be quick so that you don’t fall by having your arms together to clap. You can learn more about being safe during exercise. The result of clap push ups is stronger pec muscles which are essential for the perkiness of the chest.

Shoulder or hand tap push-ups are another push-up alternatives you can attempt. They work as the clap technique, but are less complicated. You can get videos on how to do this, check it out. How you do this is by raising one arm off from the ground and based on how fit you are, take the hand to tap the other hand or shoulder. You can do this to have some cardio and stability, and there is a lower chance of falling on your face even though the results are like those you get from clap push-ups. To read more on the bebefits of modified push ups, check it out here.