How to Find a Halal Certified Catering Service

When it is time to hire a catering company, there are more than a few factors that have to be considered. One is if there are certain dietary needs that must be met for those attending the event. One consideration that is becoming more and more widespread is halal food. If a person needs to hire a halal-certified BBQ catering in Singapore service, it’s important to make sure the right company for the job is found and used. There are several factors that can help to make this important decision about who to hire a bit easier. Keep reading to find out what those considerations are.

Ask Around

One of the first things a person should do when it comes to hiring a halal friendly catering service is to ask around. There’s a good chance that they know someone else that has hired this type of caterer in the past. As a result, they will likely be a great source of information about these services. Take some time to get recommendations of three to four potential caterers that have been used by acquaintances in the past. While speaking with these people, make sure to ask what they liked – or disliked – about the service, too. This is an invaluable insight that can be used to help make a final decision.

Do Some Research

Once a few potential catering services have been found, the next step is for the event planner to do a bit of research on their own. Take some time to find out how long the company has been providing services in the local area and if they are halal-certified. If not, this could be a red flag. It’s important to ensure they adhere to all requirements of this practice to get the food that is needed.

By using the information here, an event planner will be able to find the right catering service for their upcoming event. Be sure to keep this in mind when it comes time to hire a caterer. It will help ensure that the right company for the job is found and hired and that the food meets all requirements.